Cheese and Charcuterie 101


My Cheese and Meat Board Thanksgiving 2017


There is something special about sitting down with your favorite glass of wine (or beverage of choice) and devouring a killer meat and cheese board. Whether you call it a charcuterie board or meat and cheese plate, its all the same thing…a selection of cheeses, meats, and everything in between. Because of my passion for food, I have discovered the perfect recipe to the cheese board of your dreams.

Thanksgiving 2017
Winter 2017

Start off by selecting a couple different cheeses. You want to make sure that you are choosing a range of cheeses so that your board will have variety. Cheeses that I ALWAYS put on my boards are brie, sharp white cheddar, smoked gouda, and gouda-goat. From there I will select one or two more cheeses that I think would go good with the board.

The next thing I do is choose my meats, or charcuterie. Prosciutto is an absolute must for me. I also will throw in a salami, sausage (depending on the time of year-I prefer deer sausage), and sometimes ham and pepperoni. Now with your meat and cheese covered, its time to move on to the extra pieces of the board.


Winter 2017

Bread and crackers are a necessity when cheese boards are involved. I like to have a couple different options such as Nut Thins (my personal favorite), or even some toasted or grilled bread. No matter what you decide to use, you need something to load up all your meat and cheese onto.

Something sweet will give your cheese board an extra kick. Whether this is a bundle of  grapes or a jam/jelly combo, a bite of something sweet will go great with your charcuterie board. The best one I have ever had was a fig jam, but pepper jelly also goes very well with meat and cheese. Honey is also delicious paired with brie or goat cheese. Jam and honey are the perfect options for some sweet and savory spreads. Fruit is also a really good sweet option. Thinly sliced green apples, raspberries, blackberries and grapes all are amazing and look beautiful too.

Olives are a must have on a meat and cheese board. I love all different types of olives, and most types go great with meat and cheese. Another great salty throw in is nuts. Cashews, seasoned macadamia nuts, and even roasted pumpkin seeds look great on the board. If you want to get very fancy you can eve decorate your board with herbs.


Preparing a meat and cheese plate isn’t hard, and its guaranteed to please anyone eating. Enjoy!



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