CHUG! What I Drink in a Given Day

No matter what I’m doing, I always have a drink in my hand. You can rarely catch me without a Yeti cup (or Feti [fake yeti from Walmart/Target]) and a big jumbo straw (from Amazon). Over the years I have found that I feel SO much better when I am hydrated. I drink several different things throughout the day, and here is what I like..

I make a big point to drink AT LEAST 60oz of water a day. Where I live has AWFUL water quality, so I usually go with bottled water (Core, Essentia or Ozarka). I also have used a Brita in the past and loved it. I also love to add lemon and/or lime to my water. 

If water isn’t in my cup, it is iced green tea. I keep a big pitcher of it in my fridge to grab at any moment of the day, although I avoid drinking at night because of the caffeine.  Throw in several green tea bags of your choice and enjoy some iced green tea! Lemon and lime go great with green tea too. 

Nothing says “pick me up” like a matcha latte. I drink these iced or hot, depending on my mood or the weather. Check out my Two Ingredient Matcha Latte here!

Detox water is newer to my list, but it’s not going away any time soon. It is super easy to make and is loaded with health benefits. For my Easy AF Detox Water recipe, click here!

I can’t remember a day that I have gone without having a cup of hot tea. The best investment EVER is an electric hot water kettle (this one is $20 on Amazon). My kettle is abUSED daily and I can’t get enough! I drink all flavors and brands of hot tea, I don’t discriminate! 

One of the newest trends in my area are energy teas. You can get them from different stores, but I went straight to the source and ordered the product from HerbaLife so I could make them at home. I mix a pouch of Liftoff (small packet that has caffeine) with raspberry tea concentrate and aloe. Combine all this, add ice, and enjoy an herbal tea that will give you the best energy buzz.

If you know me, you know I love wine. I am a total wino and not only enjoy drinking wine, but learning about it as well. Much like hot tea, I don’t discriminate against any type of wine (lol), but I typically stick to red. Nothing beats wine-ding down a busy day with a glass of red.

I recently fell in love with these drinks, particularly the coconut flavor. I am on board with all the nutrition facts and ingredients in this drink, especially because it is packed with so many vitamins(not to be consumed with regular Body Armor which has way too much sugar IMO). Body Armor Lyte is great for post workout, hangovers, when you’re under the weather OR when you just want a refreshing drink.

Drink up!


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