JJ Virgin: Why and What I Purchase

My mom started listening to JJ Virgin years ago. I remember her walking around our house carrying her computer listening to JJ’s podcasts back in the day. Now that I have fallen in love with all things health and wellness, I have also fallen in love with JJ. I started by listening to her podcasts, but slowly started to purchase a few of her products, which are all now part of my every day, can’t live without, routine. 

JJ Virgin is a certified nutrition specialist, a board certified holistic nutritionist and a certified exercise physiologist. She is more than qualified in her field of expertise, and her programs and advice REALLY work. Keep reading to see what products I love from JJ!

Paleo-Inspired All-In-One Shake
I have switched protein powders for so many years, but I think I am finally stuck on this superstar shake. Unlike most plant based proteins, it tastes AMAZING. I have a protein shake every day, so this is essential. I use the vanilla but also have enjoyed the chocolate. In comparison to other protein shakes, I think this is in a good price range.

Complete Collagen Beauty Powder 
Collagen is a key ingredient in my daily protein shake, and pairs very well with JJ’s protein powder. This collagen powder is flavorless and packed with nutrients. 

Dark Chocolate Coconut Fiber Bars 
These bars have 11g of fiber and only 1g of sugar. Not only are all the ingredients a YES, these bars are delicious! They taste like an Almond Joy, minus the almond. Fiber is such an important part of your diet, and this bar is a great way to add more of it.

Extra Fiber
Also in fiber, I use JJ’s Extra Fiber in my protein shakes. Adding a little more fiber to your diet can go a long way!

Daily Essentials Vitamins
One of my 2020 resolutions was to be better about vitamins, and these convenient packets are making it happen. These packets are a combination of Daily Multivitamins and Omega-3s. You won’t be disappointed in the quality of these vitamins.  

Safety Net Plus
I have had food sensitivities for a long time, and these Safety Net pills are starting to get my gut on the right track. These are great to take before going to a restaurant if you are worried about an offending food will slip into your dish.

JJ Virgin Sleep Candy
This has become an ESSENTIAL part of my nighttime routine. I love JJ Virgin for all things health and really trust her. These candies REALLY work and not only help me to fall asleep but stay asleep. The lemon flavor is light and enjoyable. For any questions about JJ’s Sleep Candy check out this article

It looks like I use all of JJ’s products, but she really has so much more to offer! Go shop her store and listen to her podcasts!
Shop all JJ: https://store.jjvirgin.com

Listen to the podcast: https://jjvirgin.com/main-podcast/



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