Desert Island: 5 Ingredients

More desert island selections! This week is INGREDIENTS, which I have separated completely from seasonings in my previous blog post. Keep reading to see what I would bring!

Olive Oil
Olive oil is an easy choice for my island, especially imagining cooking fresh seafood! I use olive oil for everything from sautéing vegetables to making salad dressings. I have used a variety of olive oils, but this one is from Thrive Market and you can save money using my link!

This was a hard decision considering it is so close to olive oil, but I use it as a butter and it provides such a different flavor than olive oil. Mainly same purpose, but changing it up since I will be on the island indefinitely. 

Coconut Aminos
Coconut Aminos are the absolute best. I started using them as a substitute for soy, and quickly grew to love them. I use coconut aminos when eating sushi, making asian food, cooking proteins and roasting veggies..the list goes on and on. I MUST have coconut aminos on the island. Coconut Secret is my favorite brand. 

I love garlic SO MUCH. Personally, a dish can never have enough garlic. When I make hummus I load it down with hummus, and my homemade kimchi is packed with it too. Garlic works with almost every style of food, and will be my holy grail on the island.

Herbs could technically be considered a seasoning, but in this situation I am talking about fresh herbs. Who doesn’t love some fresh herbs? Maybe I can even grow an herb garden on the island…herbs bring life to every dish you want to cook. When I cook at home, I pick up these packets of fresh herbs from Kroger.

What are your ingredient desert island picks?! XOXO!!


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