Quarantine Drinks: What I’ve Been Drinking

A White Claw at 11am on a Tuesday? Completely normal in quarantine times. 

Now that I have posted what I have been cooking, its time to post what I’ve been DRINKING! Keep reading to see what keeps my thirst quenched and ALWAYS drink responsibly!!!

Easter Brunch

Non-Alcoholic Drinks
During the week days I have been loving a mocktail around 4:30-5pm. My go to is a Topo Chico sparkling water with a splash of lime juice and fresh mint (from my garden of course). Depending on the night I will throw in an orange wedge or maybe a splash of fresh grapefruit juice.

Besides my mocktails I have been downing lots of hot tea, iced green tea and of course water. Staying hydrated is so important for many things, but especially to stay healthy during these crazy Corona times.

REAL Cocktails
On nights when I am at home feeling really WILD (lol), I will go for a real drink. My mom and I created a five star recipe for a hibiscus martini which is my go to, but wine (preferably red) is still my number one choice of beverage. I also have been enjoying Ranch Water (Topo Chico, Tequila and Lime) before dinner. Other nights when I am mixing it up I make a dirty martini and a little appetizer plate for myself…you can always have fun at home with a great attitude and a cheese board!

Hibiscus Martini
-cocktail shaker
-chilled or room temperature hibiscus tea
-vodka of your choice
-lime juice
-any garnish of your choice

1 part tea, 1/2 part vodka, 1/4 part lime juice (give or take, I usually eyeball)
Shake it all up and enjoy!

For any questions on what I have been drinking, comment below!
Always drink responsibly!



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