Youtube: Who I Watch

Youtube is one of my favorite pass times. The last post I made about Youtube focused on beauty Youtubers, but since then I have subscribed to a lot of different accounts. Keep reading to see who I watch and who you should watch too!

Jeffree Star 
I have watched Jeffree for so long and I am such a big fan. He is outspoken and crazy but I love that he is true to himself and does what he wants. His brand, Jeffree Star Cosmetics, is one of the best brands in the makeup industry. Jeffree is only getting bigger!

Desi Perkins
Desi is very down to earth, but also extremely talented. I follow her main channel as well as The Perkins channel which she does with her husband Steven. Desi started Youtube by doing Halloween makeup tutorials, but has grown into a super talent makeup artist. She has had many celebrity makeup artists on her channel like Patrick Ta, and even did Kim Kardashian West’s makeup on her channel. 

I discovered Katy because she is really good friends with Desi Perkins. I saw her in one of Desi’s videos and was immediately drawn to Katy’s humor. They did a really cool coloration together with Dose of Colors. Katy is amazing with makeup, but I also enjoy her vlogs, cooking and workout content.

Static Jon
Continuing with this circle of people, I love Jon, Katy’s husband. Desi and Steven Perkins are always hanging out with Katy and Jon which is what eventually got me watching all of their channels. Jon is a lot newer to Youtube but you would never know. Jon is extremely creative and witty which makes him entertaining to watch. Katy and Jon just started a podcast channel called Must Be Nice that I love.

Tati is one of the OG beauty Youtubers who has been posting videos for over a decade. I love to watch Tati’s reviews because of the level of trust she has built with her audience. Everything she says about products has been super accurate from my personal experience. 

Chloe Morello 
I have been watching Chloe for the past six years and she never gets old. She is extremely skilled with makeup, it really is an art. She is hilarious and keeps it so real, I watch every single one of her videos.

Cody Ko
You might remember Cody Ko from Vine, and he is still alive and well on Youtube. Cody is absolutely hilarious and I love watching all of his content. I started watching Cody when he and his friend Noel Miller started a series called “That’s Cringe,” some of the funniest videos I’ve watched on Youtube. Cody and Noel were on tour last year and have a great podcast called Tiny Meat Gang.

Jackie Aina
Jackie Aina’s content is unforgettable. She brings the heat with her opinions but is rarely out of line. She has a powerful sense of humor and one of the most beat faces in the beauty industry. I absolutely love watching her videos. 

Jen Atkin
Jen Atkin is a celebrity hair stylist and the owner of a hair product company, OUAI. She is also newer to Youtube but has really great content. Jen always leaves me feeling inspired and motivated whether its about recycling, organizing my refrigerator or being a better person in general. 

Who do you watch on Youtube? Comment below!



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