EXCITING EATS: What I’ve Been Cooking

Back again with more food pictures. Cooking is STILL one my favorite things to do and sharing food with friends and family is even more fun. I have mostly been eating/cooking plant based, but I still love my meats every now and then. Below are the things I have been eating recently, in no particular order. If you want a specific recipe-comment below!

hummus. always.
tuna tacos with rainbow salsa and chili lime cauliflower rice
bang bang asian cauliflower
spicy pho
pesto tomato Sammy on seed bread

zucchini raviolo with lentil red sauce

greek superfood salad

crunch wrap action

cauliflower soup
the best kind of happy hour
another delicious happy hour
chickpea salad on avocado toast
whipped feta dip
veggie stuffed sweet potato

everything bagels many ways

creamy black bean burger salad

black bean patties and grilled miso peppers

Portobello mushroom “burgers”

mustard shallot, herb butter, and Italian veggie pasta – I love Banza chickpea pasta

hydrating citrus salad

lots of espresso and zucchini carrot muffins

sweet potato veggie shepherds pie

super seed muesli with special blue almond milk

and last, but certainly not least, lots of matcha

Happy eating!



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