BOOKS August 2020-October 2020

Despite most social activities being canceled this fall, it has been a very busy season for me-which means not as much time to read. Despite this, I have managed to squeeze in some books that for the most part are really great. Comment below what you have been reading!! XOXO!

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Another riveting book post! Although quarantine/Corona/the virus has opened up my social schedule for the summer, summer reading has not slowed down! Comment below what you are reading this summer, and any other book suggestions. As always, these books are in no particular order. Happy reading! XOXO!

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Youtube: Who I Watch

Youtube is one of my favorite pass times. The last post I made about Youtube focused on beauty Youtubers, but since then I have subscribed to a lot of different accounts. Keep reading to see who I watch and who you should watch too! Jeffree Star I have watched Jeffree for so long and I am […]

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Who I Follow on Instagram

Instagram is easily my favorite social media platform. I love the visuals and layout, not to mention all the inspiration I get from following great people. Whether its health, food, funny, fashion, beauty or Christian inspiration-I follow it all. Continue reading to see which accounts I follow on the daily.  Kathleen Barnes I can’t remember how […]

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What I Read from November-June

This post is so painfully overdue, IM SORRY! Thankfully I documented (most) everything I read. These books are in no particular order, but I’ll give you my thoughts in the captions! If you have any questions or comments, sound off below! PS: I got a Kindle and it has been a game changer. I love […]

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TECH GIFTS: Christmas Guide 2018

I love technology. Whether its my iPhone, laptop, or FitBit I am always enthralled with technology. Technology is always a great thing to get at Christmas because 1) depending on what you get it’s typically more expensive and 2) it’s easily adaptable for the person receiving the gift. Check out my gift guide to find […]

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SPOOKY SZN: Best Celebrity Looks

Halloween is something I look forward to every year. Although I am NOT a fan of scary movies or anything involving guts or gore, I love dressing up for Halloween. When it comes to Halloween, celebrities always do It best. If you need some last minute inspiration for an outfit tonight, check out these iconic […]

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