Who I Follow on Instagram

Instagram is easily my favorite social media platform. I love the visuals and layout, not to mention all the inspiration I get from following great people. Whether its health, food, funny, fashion, beauty or Christian inspiration-I follow it all. Continue reading to see which accounts I follow on the daily.  Kathleen Barnes I can’t remember how […]


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The Recipe for Great Sleep

Good sleep is ESSENTIAL. Nothing feels worse than waking up from bad sleep, not to mention the detrimental consequences such as hunger, weight gain, crankiness and exhaustion through the day. Sleep is so important for health, which is why I made it my mission to master the recipe for a great night of sleep. Keep […]

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Desert Island: 5 Seasonings I’d Take

There are five seasonings I absolutely cannot live without. Imagining myself on a desert island, I believe I’d survive if I had these five important seasonings. TAJIN Clásico SeasoningIts no secret how much I love TAJIN seasoning. This goes great on a multitude of foods including avocado, fish, chicken, vegetables, fruit and even the rim […]

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Stuffed Peppers

*MAJOR DISCLAIMER* As much as I cook, I never measure or do anything the “right” way. I am always eyeballing and going with the flow. If you want an extremely detailed recipe, this is NOT IT (but still look at my post anyways)! Bell peppers are a VIP in the kitchen. Cut them up raw […]

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VITAMINS: What I Take Every Day

I am a major believer in the power of vitamins. With that being said, it is very important to take good quality vitamins for good quality results and health. What I take is always changing based on my needs, but these are what I am currently loving.  HALO BEAUTY: HER DAILY MULTI BODY & BRAIN […]

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