EXCITING EATS: What I’ve Been Cooking

Back again with more food pictures. Cooking is STILL one my favorite things to do and sharing food with friends and family is even more fun. I have mostly been eating/cooking plant based, but I still love my meats every now and then. Below are the things I have been eating recently, in no particular […]


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Who I Follow on Instagram

Instagram is easily my favorite social media platform. I love the visuals and layout, not to mention all the inspiration I get from following great people. Whether its health, food, funny, fashion, beauty or Christian inspiration-I follow it all. Continue reading to see which accounts I follow on the daily.  Kathleen Barnes I can’t remember how […]

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Desert Island: 5 Seasonings I’d Take

There are five seasonings I absolutely cannot live without. Imagining myself on a desert island, I believe I’d survive if I had these five important seasonings. TAJIN Clásico SeasoningIts no secret how much I love TAJIN seasoning. This goes great on a multitude of foods including avocado, fish, chicken, vegetables, fruit and even the rim […]

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Skinny Caesar Dressing

Caesar dressing is by far one of the world’s most popular salad dressings. Many people I know (including myself) even use caesar dressing as a dipping sauce for different foods. My only problem with caesar dressing is the nutritional value. If I’m going to eat a salad, I do not want to douse my lettuce […]

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Skinny Peanut Sauce

       One day I was searching for new  recipes and I came across an Asian peanut sauce. The recipe looked so good, but there were a couple ingredients in the sauce that I typically try to stay away from for health reasons. After some experimenting, I created my own Skinny Peanut Sauce. This […]

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Different Ways to Enjoy Matcha

Drinking a matcha latte is the most common way to enjoy matcha, but I have taken things to the next matcha level. I can find a way to incorporate matcha in almost every recipe. Continue reading to see my favorites. Matcha Covered Strawberries These matcha covered strawberries were absolutely amazing, and extremely easy to make. […]

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Sexy Sweet Potato

I have always been in love with both sweet potatoes and avocados, but this recipe takes things to the next level. I am not entirely sure how I came up with this bomb of flavor, but I promise you it is unreal and super easy to make. INGREDIENTS: -1 Sweet Potato -1 Avocado -Veganaise Mayo […]

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